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The entire perception of trusts is all encompassing and permeates every area of business and life. We at PAC TRUSTEES recognizes this fact and that is why we seek to resolve these concerns. PAC TRUSTEES LIMITED offers the following other services:


Receivership is a position or function of being a receiver appointed by a court or under statute or a proceeding in which a court appoints a receiver. A receiver may also be appointed by the creditors of the insolvent company if there is a clause in the debenture document empowering them. By the nature of the office, a receiver is an important person appointed by the Court or the debenture holders to manage, collect and receive pending proceedings, rents issues and profits of land or personal estate which it does not seem reasonable to the Court that either party should collect or receive or for the same to be distributed among the person entitled.
PAC TRUSTEES has a long list of experienced professionals who understand the needs of various creditors and fastest means to realizing the assets at stake under the charge or under a secured credit transaction.


An escrow agency exists where a person or company holds property in trust for either of two parties while a transaction is finalized or a disagreement is resolved under an escrow agreement or commonly in a big ticket real estate transaction. However escrows are created for so many other transactions where there are intermediate transactions. In escrow is a temporary condition of an item such as money or a piece of property that has been transferred to a third party with the intentions of delivery to a grantee as part of a binding agreement.


PAC Trustees offers a full service secretariat and administrative services to its clients ranging from Chambers of Commerce, Foundations, LTD/GTE, LTD. The Company has the capacity to take care of all such needs for discerning clients.


Offshore trusts are trusts created legally under a foreign jurisdiction which offers some incentives and protections.
PAC Trustees offers offshore trustees services to firms and individuals who intend to make certain investments across various continents in the world. Our strategic alliances ensure discretion, protection and value addition.


Custodial services involves safe keeping of documents and precious items either for a client or as between two companies or individuals. We have safety deposit boxes for the protection of such items as: wills, title documents, marriage certificates, debenture notes, bond documents and other forms of contract documentation. We also offer excellent services for the storage other forms of very sensitive data.

Our role as trustees includes

  • Detailed engagement of the clients and stakeholders
  • Proper documentation of the trust relationship
  • Co-ordinating, registering and monitoring obligations as stated in the Trust documents as well as managing the relationship among stakeholders
  • Hold custody of the assets and ensure proper documentations.
  • Organise meetings of all the parties as and when due
  • Act in mediatory/reconciliatory capacity in the event of conflicts

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