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As companies seek expansion and growth, the need to access funds for expansion and working capital enhancements become inevitable. These funds are structured in several ways which includes Multi-Lending situations, Loan syndications, securitisations and issuance of corporate bonds. At PAC TRUSTEES our competencies span across the following:


this trust is designed for a scenario where a borrower has only one asset and requires capital that cannot be provided by a single lender or where the borrower may have further use for capital. PAC TRUSTEES provides state of the art solutions in the creation and management of such trusts to ensure the preservation and optimization of the asset or security in accordance with the Trust Deed signed by the parties.


this trust is for capital raise done through the issuance of bonds and or debentures in the capital market.
As your trustee, PAC TRUSTEES will ensure that coupons and repayments are made as and when due. Maintain an efficient and update register of the bondholders. Manage the redemption reserve account or sinking fund in the most professional and secured manner.


Collective Investment Schemes are any arrangement with respect to property of any description which includes money the purpose of which is to enable the person taking part in the arrangement to receive profits or income arising from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of the property. Collective Investment Schemes include Mutual Funds, Investment Trusts, Real Estate Investment Trusts etc. the underlying role of the trustee is to ensure that the assets of any scheme is administered in accordance with the provisions of the trust deed and that the interests of unitholders are at all times protected. The underlying asset or properties in the case of the REITS are vested in the trustees.
PAC TRUSTEES has an asset under management of which speaks to the company’s ability to secure and ensure the value continuity of the assets.


Endowments and charities foundations are set up to further noble causes, promote philanthropy, support the less privileged or educational chairs to further research and support scholarships and drive CSR.
PAC TRUSTEES will help you set-up, coordinate and manage foundations, academic chairs, CSR initiatives, Trust funds, charities and other forms of social engagement. We also provide advisory on the management of the funds all such trusts. (other services or what?)


is a scheme whereby employees acquire shares in the company in which they are employed. Although employees can of course purchase shares in their company on the open market, or companies can simply choose to donate shares to them. Now because the number is either too small or in order to avoid the risk of being the target of intimidation at the various stakeholder meetings of the company such shares in the scheme are vested in the trustees who acts on the common interests of the employees. This provides a source of additional capital for a viable company.
PAC TRUSTEES can offer its wealth of expertise in the creation, management and enhancement of value for the members of the scheme thereby creating additional value for the employees.


facility agent is a company that acts as agent for a syndicate of lenders in administering the facility with the borrower. After the facility agreement is signed, payments and communications (for example, drawdown requests and compliance certificates) between the borrower and the lenders are made through the agent.
PAC TRUSTEES through its extensive relations with lenders can help to arrange a suitable array of lenders to address the capital requirements of our clients.


A Warehousing Trust is created where a company transfers all or some of its shares to the trustee for the benefit of the beneficiaries named in the Trust Deed between the parties. In other words, the company warehouses various portions of shares by transferring them to a trustee who becomes the registered owner of the shares on behalf of members of staff of the company. Such trusts are very good for future expansions or to dilute the stocks where there is an imbalance in the holding.


  • Registering the collateral/Security in the name of the Trustees on behalf of the stakeholders
  • Proper documentation of the trust relationship
  • Co-ordinating, registering and monitoring obligations as stated in the Trust documents as well as managing the relationship among stakeholders
  • Hold security on behalf of stakeholders
  • Organise meetings of all the parties as and when due
  • Act in mediatory/reconciliatory capacity in the event of conflicts


  • Provide suitable trust services to investors
  • Acting as escrow agents
  • Security trustee for a syndicate of investors/lenders
  • Act as Trustee for employee benefit/share option schemes or for staff welfare/benefits arrangements.

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